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Emergency Ambulance Needed


Please Donate An Ambulance?

This ambulance will be used to transport the sick, ill, injured, and most needed to transport pregnant women to a hospital or clinic. I asked a Ghana woman, "How do you get your pregnant mothers to the hospital now with out the availability of an ambulance?" She said, "Oh, brother Jim they are taken to the clinics or hospitals by the means of a "bicycle" over bad dirty and bumpy roads. Oh, it is so sad. And many have their babies at home without any medical attention at all!"

Just think how an emergency vehicle like an ambulance would be a miracle to the people in in the area of Ghana to get to a clinic or hospital where that can receive care on the way in the ambulance and arrive safety at the hospital. This is such a dire need and is a life or death situation for many of the people who live in the outside surrounding areas of Ghana.

Please Help Us!

Since, we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit international ministry; we will ensure you receive a donation receipt for the “fair market value” of the ambulance to be recognized by the IRS for a tax write-off deduction.


Please use our "Contact Us" section of our web page page to contact us about your donation of an ambulance.

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