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Would You Like To Help Us?
You can purchase one of these Sawyer SP180 Biological/Viral Purification Filters for just $27 (includes shipping & handling). This filter will supply enough water for a family of eight people more many years, since it can produce over a million gallons of clean water over the life of a filter.
If you would like to give out of your generosity to purchase one or more of these Sawyer SP180 Biological/Viral Purification Filters; please let us know.
You can contact us on the "Contact Page". This is a secure messenger site and your information will not be shared with anyone else.

Water Purification Kits

The Sawyer SP180 Biological/Viral Purification Kit includes a small, lightweight filter that can provide over 300 Liters of clean water per day. This Bucket adapter kit offers the same level of protection against bacteria and protozoa, and is the first portable filtration devices to remove viruses mechanically at a 0.02 MICRON ABSOLUTE 5.5 log (99.9997%) removal rate, the highest level of filtration available today.

With its 0.02-micron absolution filtration, the 0.02-micron goes one step beyond Sawyer’s standard filters to remove 99.997% of viruses in addition to 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.9999% of protozoa/cysts.

This powerful, lightweight Purification System has an output of 1 liter per minute when used as a gravity system with a bucket (not included) — no pumping, chemicals, or electricity required. It also comes with a faucet adapter.

The Purifier will need to be primed before use and after each prolonged storage. This should be always done before you need purified water. Due to the very small pore sizes of the 0.02-micron absolute fibers, you will need to use a higher-pressure system to force clean water thorough the purifier to fully wet the fibers and prepare the purifier for use. If you are unable to pre-prime your Sawyer purifier, the system will still be able to filter water but at a drastically lower rate (30 liters per day).

Sawyer is the only company that tests 100% of its filters and purifiers before leaving their production facility to ensure that each and every filter is fully operational. They have the only hollow fiber filter company that can make this claim, and this is one of the reasons why their filters are far superior to other filters available on the market. This level of quality control is part of the reason why their filters cost more than other options on the market but when it comes to long term use and reliability, their performance and quality is unmatchable.

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