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Core Values

In light of our vision, purpose, and value, we place a high priority on the following core values:

  1. Prayer – the foundation of our mission’s effort (Matt. 9:37-38; Acts 13:2);

  2. Un-reached People – giving priority to people who have the greatest need and least opportunity to hear the gospel (Rom. 15:20);

  3. Church Planting – focusing on the ultimate goal of establishing, strengthening, and multiplying churches (Matt. 16:18);

  4. Discipleship – developing quality disciples (2 Tim. 2:2; Matt. 28:19-20);

  5. ELIM Missionaries – raising up, equipping, and supporting missionaries from our own body (Acts 9:15; Rom. 10:14-15);

  6. Compassion – meeting the physical needs of people, as well as spiritual (Matt. 25:34-46);

  7. Church Awareness – working towards broad church awareness by informing, teaching, and providing them with opportunities for involvement.

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