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Real Need For New or Used Bibles

Do you have one or more Bibles laying around your house?


Countless Christians in Africa and the Philippines cannot afford to purchase a new Bible, so a donated Bible is a valuable gift. Many people here in the USA have one or more Bibles just lying around their house on a bookshelf collecting dust, or in a closet or in an attic taking up space, or perhaps stored out in the garage in boxes where they are out of sight and out of mind.

Bibles collected from various places and sent to us will literally transform the life of a pastor, or even better, an entire church?  We have missionaries requesting Bibles because their congregants cannot afford to purchase them, simply because they “don’t have the money”.

Research indicates that each Bible is shared by 19 other people. The Bibles you donate, or fund can be the difference in a pastor preaching from the Word of God or preaching from what he remembers hearing from the Word of God.

Collecting Bibles could be a great project for a family, Sunday school class, or entire church. If you would like to consider supporting ELIM with a donation of Bibles (click here), or through a generous financial donation, click here.

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