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Donating Fire Equipment & Training Supplies

We ship fire equipment to areas we are working in Africa.   We accept personal protective equipment in clean and serviceable condition. We seek to serve our fellow firefighters with this equipment.  Please consider the firefighters you will be impacting when making your donation of clean and serviceable equipment. Please see our specifications below regarding accepted equipment. We will decline items that do not meet our standards.  Please use our "Contact Us" section of our web page page to contact us about your donations.

Receiving Equipment:

  • Please make arrangements with ELOHIM Love International Ministries to ship or bring approved items to our storage facility in Lindale, Texas (Smith County). We will arrange for one of our volunteers to meet you at the storage facility to receive the equipment.

  • We ask that personal protective equipment be cleaned prior to donation and be in serviceable condition. We request that boots and gloves be cleaned and matched prior to donation.

In the "Contact Section" please submit to us the following information:

  • Your First and Last Name

  • Your Fire Department/Vendor Name

  • Your Address/City/State/Zip Code

  • Email Address

  • Contact Phone Number

Also, tell us what you would like to donate, such as:

  •  Bunker Coats <15 years old from date of manufacture

  •  Bunker Pants <15 years old from date of manufacture

  •  Firefighting Gloves - matched pairs, serviceable condition

  •  Rescue/Extrication Gloves - matched pairs, serviceable condition

  •  Boots - matched pairs, serviceable condition

  •  Helmets, serviceable condition

  •  Hoods, serviceable condition

  •  Eye Protection, serviceable condition

  •  Class A Uniforms

  •  Class C Uniforms

  •  Station Shoes - matched pairs, serviceable condition

  •  Safety Vests

  •  Flashlights - new or gently used, serviceable condition

  •  Hand Tools

  • Fire Hoses (in good working order, no leakers)

  •  Training materials: Books & DVD’s (books should be current edition or most recent previous edition.

  • Medical Equipment & Supplies

  •  If you have items which are not listed above, let us know

 Items we do not accept: 

  • Dirty (badly soiled or oil soaked) or well worn bunker coats, pants, gloves, boots, helmets, hoods

  • SCBA’s

  • Haz Mat PPE

  • Radios

  • Ladders

  • Magazines

  • Outdated books

  • VHS and cassette materials

Since, we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit international ministry; we will ensure you receive a donation receipt for the “fair market value” of the fire gear and equipment to be recognized by the IRS for a tax write-off deduction.

Please use our "Contact Us" section of our web page page to contact us about your donations.

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Fire Fighting Equipment-1.jpg
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