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Request Donation for a Vehicle

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Rugged Vehicle Required for Travel

(New or Used)

We are praying and believing for a vehicle for our African Mission Headquarters in Ghana, West Africa.

ELOHIM Love International Ministries is a global ministry with missionaries, pastors, and evangelist throughout Africa and the Philippines. We need a vehicle for our African travel that is rugged, uses diesel and is economical, 4-wheel drive and has a functional electric winch on the front. We make difficult trips through washed out roads and where  only a 4-wheel drive can take us. We would like for the vehicle to carry 8 passengers with storage racks on top of the vehicle. The vehicle doesn't have to be a brand-new vehicle but at least one that is not over 5-6 years old. The vehicle will be utilized by our staff and other pastors at our African Mission Headquarters in Ghana, West Africa.


The vehicle will be used for multifaceted purposes. We take and distribute free water filters from Sawyer International to the wayward isolated villages so they can have clean safe water to drink. We supply free meds for cholera and typhoid to get the people well again. The water filters and the meds gives us an avenue of approach to preach and teach the Gospel to the villagers where we follow-up to establish missions and churches with the support of trained pastors and evangelists.


We also give out good lightly used clothing and teach them a vocation of how to sew giving by them free lightly used sewing machines that have been donated to our ministry. We are making disciples to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. Many of them may become Pastors or Evangelists who propagate the Gospel throughout their villages. We them support and follow-up with these village Pastors and field Evangelist. Another reason for our dire need of a capable and reliable vehicle to go into the outback areas and to the remote villages to do routine scheduled visits.


Please help us to obtain a vehicle so we can be effective for the Kingdom of God in our efforts to evangelize the Gospel. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to assist us in obtaining a vehicle suitable to our needs.


Please reply immediately on the "Contact Page". This is a secure messenger site and your information will not be shared with anyone else.


Thank you and God’s blessings upon you and your business.

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