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Donate Your Gently Used Clothing

Request for Lightly Used Clothing

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Please Help Us When Giving Clothing

You could really help us when giving your clothing by ensuring it has been cleaned and it is neatly folded. This will save us a few steps in preparation before packing the clothing in waterproof plastic barrels prior to shipping to its destination. Thank you for making this consideration before donating your clothing.

Wondering what to do with the over abundance of clothing in your closet or the children’s closet — well, I have a solution for you. Donate your gently used clothing to our ministry where it will find a home where families will truly be grateful and thankful for the receipt of your clothing.

Do you have gently used adult and children’s shoes, socks, belts, t-shirts, ball caps, short pants, combs, hairbrushes, toiletries (New: toothbrushes, tooth paste, manual razor, shaving creams, soap, face and bath towels, wash cloths, etc.).

Please reply immediately on the "Contact Page". This is a secure messenger site and your information will not be shared with anyone else.

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